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How to fill EDV 2019 From Home in Nepal for Free

After Donald Trump became president of United States, the government made strict laws against illegal immigrants in US. His focus seems to control increasing immigrants over the country. That is why, DV Lottery program was in state of confusion, whether it will open or not. But US government has already opened for the last time starting from 3rd Oct, 2017.

No rules has been changed for EDV Lottery. It is same as it was in last year. The form of EDV 2019 will be closed in  7th Oct, 2017. There will be no charge be taken for filling up the form of DV by American Government though some local agencies like photo studio and cyber cafe take some service charge to fill the EDV form. The result of EDV 2019 will be published on May of 2019.

How to FIll EDV 2018 Form for Free From Home?

Filling DV form has always been free. But there are some requirements that you will need. First of all you should have a DV size photo in white background in 300×300 px resolution. You make need to go photo studio for perfect photo to be used. Another thing you will need is proper postal address such as Post. Box. Number where you will receive letters sent incase you get the lottery.

Step 1: Visit US DV Website Click Here


Step 2: Read instruction on that website.

Step 3: Use photo tool to check if you photo is acceptable for not.

Step 4: Click Begin Entry start filling the form

Step 5: Submit when you are done.

Here is the page for filling form:


EDV Form 2019 Sample:

Click Here to Download Sample of DV form

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