List of all customer care and helpline numbers provided by Nepal Telecom (NTC)

Nepal Doorsanchar Company Ltd. , popularly known as Nepal Telecom (Nepali: नेपाल टेलिकम) is state owned telecommunication service provider in Nepal with 85% of the government share. It is one of the major telecom company  with largest number of  subscribers in the country. Not only that, NTC stand out itself as highest tax paying company to the nation.

As it provides a wide range of telecom related services to general public, it has numbers of helpline phone number to its users. Here we have collected a list of help line and customer care service numbers of Nepal Telecom (NTC). Some of them are free and other costs charges.

Customer Care Service Numbers:-

S.N Number Charge Description

For Normal Telephone Customers (PSTN)

1 197 Free For normal inquiry of Telephone numbers
2 1425 Budget Call (Low charge International Calls)
3 1445 Budget Call (Low charge International Calls)

For IPVR assistance and services

4 188 Free To register VOIP Calls complains
5 198 Free To register complains of ADSL and PSTN
6 1600 Rs. 1 per 20 sec To inquiry results of SLC Examinations
7 1601 Rs. 1 per 20 sec To inquiry results of HSEB Examinations
8 1602 Rs. 1 per 20 sec To inquiry results of TU Examinations
9 1605 Rs. 1 per 20 sec Value Added Services Help assistance
10 1606 Local Call To inquiry bills of PSTN Telephone lines
11 1607 PSTN: Local CallMobile:AirTime To inquiry PUK number of GSM and CDMA mobile numbers.

For IN services and assistance

12 1424 Budget Call (Low charge International Calls)
13 1650 Free For management and call of EasyCall (Prepaid Calling Cards)
14 1660 Free Toll Free Services
15 1680 Free To register or call from PSNT call limit services
16 1681 Free For management of PSTN Call Limit Service
17 1698 Free Helpline and Customer Care of IN Services

Voice Mailbox Service (VMS) Help and Assistance

18 1610 Local: FreeMobile:Airtime To listen to Voice mails remotely from Landlines and mobile phones
19 1614 Free To transfer calls of Voice mails
20 1615 Rs.1 per minute To leave voice message to voicemails without making calls
21 1616 Free To listen voice mails and messages directly

Notice Board Services

22 1610 Local: FreeMobile:Airtime To record from notice board message indirectly
23 1616 Free To record from notice board message directly
24 1618 Local: Rs 1Mobile:Airtime To listen to notice board messages

GSM Services Help and Assistance

25 1400 Rs.1 per SMS To activate 3G service
26 1414 Free For management of GMS Prepaid
27 1455 Free To register for PRBT through SMS
28 1498 Free Customer care of GMS Mobiles
29 1609 Rs.3 per minute To register and buy CRBTs via IPVR
30 *400# Free For balance and validity inquiry of GSM Prepaid mobiles
31 *411# & *412# Free To recharge GSM prepaid mobiles
32 *422# Free To transfer balance from GSM prepaid mobile
33 011614 Free To transfer calls to Voice Mail Box
34 011616 Rs1 per message To listen to messages in Voice Mail Box

CDMA Service Help and Assistance

35 191 Free Customer Care Help desk of CDMA
36 1401 Rs1 per SMS To inquiry balance of CDMA via SMS
37 1415 Free To listen to balance inquiry via voice
38 1615 Free To leave message to Voice Mail box directly
39 1616 Free To listen to Voice mail box message
40 1611 Free To listen to Voice mail box message indirectly (Central DR)
41 1612 Free To listen to Voice mail box message indirectly (Eastern DR)
42 1617 Free To listen to Voice mail box message indirectly (Western DR)
Note: Above charges are exclusive of tax.

Please help us by suggesting new NTC helpline and customer numbers  if added or if any changes are made, in comment section below. We will add new numbers as soon as possible.

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