NTC offer – 1mpbs ADSL speed only at Rs. 1000, Bonus for GSM and CDMA

Nepal Telecom has now provided promotion offer to its customers on ADSL and FTTH internet services. The promotional offer is for all new and existing  subscribers of ADSL and FTTH. Also, NTC  has provided BONUS scheme for receiving international call to its mobile users (both GSM and CDMA).

The Promotional Offer will be come in effect from 15th Shrawan, 2074 and will be continued for 90 days.


The tariff of NT ADSL has been heavily reduced to RS. 1000 for 1 mbps unlimited internet speed. Previously ADSL customers had to pay Rs. 1017 for speed of 256 kpbs ulimited. Similarly for limited pakages of adsl, one can start with Rs. 300 for 15 GB of Data on speed of 1mbps.

New Cost Rates for NTC ADSL

SN Price/Cost/Rates (NRs) ADSL Data Packages
1 1000 1 Mbps package (unlimited)
2  300  15 GB  (Volume based)
3  500 25 GB  (Volume based)
4  700 40 GB  (Volume based)

Not only in monthly rates, NT has also reduced registration charge of adsl for both Unlimited and Volume based packages. Now it will only cost rs 300 for unlimited and 200 for volume based to register for new adsl line. Previously it cost Rs. 500  for registration.

NTC new rates for Fiber to the home (FTTH)

NT has also revised its FTTH rates to its customer. They have doubled the volume in same old rates other things remaining same.

New NTC FTTH Cost:

SN Price (Nrs.) Speed OLD Volume New Volume Validity
1 5,160 10 mbps 120 GB 240 GB 3 Months
2 9,120 10 mbps 250 GB 500 GB 4 Months
3 23,040 100 mbps 600 GB 1200 GB 5 Months

Though NTC had launched FTTH service in 2072, it could  not get much popularity among customers due to lack of promotion and suitable packages. Hope new packages could seek more attention for internet users.

Bonus on NTC GSM and CDMA mobile:

Ntc has decided to provide bonus on NTC GSM and CDMA mobiles for receiving international calls. NTC mobile custiomers will get 7 minutes free talk time and 7 minutes free sms for receiving 7 minutes of international calls within a week.

NTC ADSL is facing fierce competition with private ISP for internet service. The ADSL subscribers are quite unhappy with slow internet speed but high cost rates. With new rates for internet and fast speed it may satisfy need of its customer.

Please let us know your views regarding ADSL service and its new price in our comment section below.



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