What the F**K photos from Tirsana Budhathoki in the name of art

What the f**k is this. On protest to blockade imposed by India  to Nepal, a facebook based Nepali Model Tirshana Budhathoki have done photo shoot with her painted body. She has painted nepali flag and Everest on her head and symbols and statement such as Greater Nepal’ and ‘Back Off India’ as well as gas cylinders and petrol. It’s quite overwhelming and whilst the “model” seems to be very happy with the work of art, I am not too sure if viewers feel the same.

Have a look over these photographs and please give us comment how do you feel about these photos.

tirsana-budhathoki1 tirsana-budhathoki 4 tirsana-budhathoki 3Tirsana-Budhathoki-Nepal-Protest-Body-Art-1

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